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Business Phone & Internet

River City Communications is proud to offer fiber business phone and internet service from Metronet. Transform your business with the fastest Symmetrical 100% Fiber Optic internet service available. 

100% Fiber Internet Business Solutions

Business communication

Fast large-file transfers

Powering and processing POS payments


Business communication with video conferencing

Frequent data backups and use of cloud applications

Processing multiple transactions and guest Wi-Fi


Video conferencing and online collaboration

Data-intensive backups and cloud computing

Powering streaming for training or entertainment

1 Gigabit

Video conferencing and hosting webinars

Constant use of online solutions and cloud computing

Recommended for bigger organizations


Hosting servers or Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Ask about our Premium and Elite internet plans


Voice technologies that deliver superior quality and cost savings.

Pick from a variety of telephony technologies to get the best voice solution for your business.

Business Voice
Metronet POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lets you choose from traditional single or multi-line analog voice services that provide over 15 calling features, including local and long-distance calling, voicemail, conferencing, mobile options with Metronet Go, and more. 

PRI (Primary Rate Interface)
Metronet PRI services provide traditional voice, data and video capabilities across a single circuit that supports multiple lines. PRI is an ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) service on which a single circuit can support up to 23 simultaneous calls. It is delivered apart from your Internet circuit, so calls won’t slow down your connectivity.


Metronet’s SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) service utilizes a powerful communications protocol that can be used to send voice, data and video communications to multiple parties. As a result, SIP is great for organizations with remote workers who rely on multimedia communications.

Metronet’s VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service utilizes Metronet’s 100% all-fiber network to connect voice calls. It’s great for smaller organizations that don’t have the need to engage in multimedia communications between locations.

Get a quote for your business today.

Ready to get started with 100% Fiber Optic internet from Metronet? Click below and we will get started on preparing a custom quote for your business. 

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