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Security Systems

Nearly every home has valuables that attract burglars:  TVs, computers, stereos, cash, credit cards, appliances and more.  Even worse, a simple burglary can often escalate into violence, putting you and your family at risk.

Fortunately, there's an effective, affordable way to protect your home and family.  A River City Communications security system watches over your home 24 hours a day, guarding against intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide and even furnace breakdowns.

Security Cameras
Our Systems are Expandable

It starts out as a basic, economical system. Then advanced sensors and special options let you design a system that best meets your needs and budget.

Some of the available options include...


  • Door/window sensors to detect unwanted intrusions

  • Indoor and outdoor motion sensors to sense movement within the home or outdoors, including decks and patio areas

  • Smoke sensors to detect and report a fire

  • Lights can be turned on at scheduled times or when you walk into a room

  • Additional environmental sensors such as carbon monoxide, freeze and water leakage detection

  • Optional listen-in and talk-back alarm verification

  • Off-premise phone control for arming/disarming

Access Control

Currently, the fastest growing product line in the security industry, electronic access control has become the replacement of choice for companies which have been forced to downsize their employee complement, or for those who have realized the tremendous economic benefit of this technology.

Perhaps the most significant development in the access control industry has resulted from its adaptability to modern telephone signal transmission. This single feature enables a company to centralize its security program while maintaining a most efficient program.

Using Keycard
Fire Detection and Warning Devices

In addition to burglary protection, fire detection and warning devices should be an important consideration in the design of your security system. Most property insurance policies allow a substantial discount for the inclusion of fire warning equipment. River City Communications security systems utilize both heat and smoke detectors for maximum fire protection.

Don't allow the losses caused by a break-in or fire to disrupt your business. Protect your business, your property and your employees with a River City Communications System.

Most fatal home fires occur at night when people are asleep. Instead of waking you, smoke and poisonous gases from a fire quickly numb the senses and put you into an even deeper sleep. Seconds can make the difference between life and death. Are you or your loved ones protected? Smoke alarms that are properly installed, monitored, maintained, and tested in the home can save lives.

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